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The Bladerider is most affordable high performance carbon fibre hydrofoil dinghy on the market. Bladeriding is the best fun you will ever have on water! The Bladerider is designed for all ages, male or female, experienced moth sailors or newcomers that want to get into foiling.

Purchase orders can be placed with us on our Order Form or through your Reseller.

Summary of Features

  • Under 40kg all up weight -  stronger and more robust than any other Moth on the market.
  • White gel coat finish - extremely durable and resistant to body impacts.
  • Simpler carbon tube wing frame - more rigid and more durable.
  • Stiffer 50mm mast - giving more power and better control of the head in the sail.
  • Improved sail construction and materials - smoother sail shape and longer lasting.
  • New FSE Robline ropes - including better colour coding of control lines.
  • Upgraded Ronstan fittings - including new Orbit mainsheet pulleys.
  • New lightweight alloy gantry - much stronger and stiffer than the previous carbon version.
  • New alloy spreaders - unbreakable and easier to rig.
  • Improved trolley construction - now comes with all new alloy cradles for increased strength.
  • Speeds – take off speeds at about 7 knots, top speed will exceed 25 knots.
  • Two year warranty - Does your Moth have a two year warranty? 
  • Unbeatable Price

Specific Features

Hull Design: The Bladerider is 3.355m in overall length with a fine bow, straight rocker, flat bottom, square chines and low freeboard. Volume has been kept in the stern for a cleaner lift-off.

Hull Construction: Vacuum infused 3k carbon foam sandwich hull with a white gel-coat finish and a aluminium wing cover track. The cockpit grip is an aggressive non-slip material, stuck on for easy replacement later on if necessary.

Wing Frame : The new carbon tube wing frame with moulded corners not only helps reduce the overall cost of the boat, but it also improves the durability and stiffness of the whole structure dramatically. The wing covers are made from reliable Dacron material with internal air bags to help beginners with capsize recovery. In addition the unique self-tensioning design, allows for a very quick assembly out of the box.

Hydrofoils: Black two piece, high-lift pre-preg carbon hydrofoils fitted to pre-preg carbon centerboard and rudder, purpose-designed for lowest drag and maximum lift. These are also the same foils that hold all the fastest speeds ever recorded on a foiler Moth!

Rudder Gantry: The supplied gantry will be made from anodised aluminium tubes. Strong and durable.

Rig: A stiff 50mm mast is supplied giving more power and better control of the head in the sail. The gooseneck of the boom has also been improved for better fitting and clearing of the downhaul pulleys.

Sail: Comes with a one design 8.0m Bladerider sail (International Moth compliant) made from X-ply and Dacron. The sail material and finish has been dramatically improved in 2008 to give a smoother sail shape and make it longer lasting.

Spreaders: The supplied spreaders/prodder will be made from anodised aluminium tubes. Strong and durable.

Rope & Fittings: Complete Ronstan fitout including new Orbit mainsheet blocks along with FSE Robline ropes.

Foil Covers: The RX hydrofoil covers, top cover, mast cover, boom cover and spreaders cover are optional extras.

Trolley: The boat comes with an all new alloy trolley with quick elastic hooks.

Warranty: Comes complete with a two year warranty.


Highest Peak Speed
Rob Gough
Nathan Outteridge
Rohan Veal
Highest 10 Sec Average Speed
Arnaud Psarofaghis
Rohan Veal
Nathan Outteridge

Charlie McKee wins 2009 PCCs
Charlie McKee wins US PCC's
at Coronado YC in California.
Enlarge pic.

Nathan Outteridge new Bladerider team sailor and 2008 49er World Champion
Nathan Outteridge, 49er World
Champion joins the Bladerider team and wins the Aussie Nationals.

Anna having a blast in Miami. Congratulations Anna Tunnicliffe, Beijing Olympic Gold Medal winner in the Laser Radial from the USA.
(enlarge photo)

2008 Moth World Champion,
Bladerider Team Sailor,
John Harris (AUS)


Photo credits
Oskar Kilhborg, Theirry Martinez, Tim McAuley, Virginia Veal, Andrea Francolini, Josh McKnight

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