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Bladerider International Launches The Bladerider FX

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - June 01, 2008 - Bladerider International, a leading manufacturer of extreme sailing products, today announced the forthcoming launch of its new strict one design, hydrofoil racing boat, the Bladerider ® FX.

"With the potential of reaching a much wider market, we set out to make an affordable alternative to its already successful X8 model" says Rohan Veal two times World Champion and Bladerider Sales Manager. The release of the FX will enable everyone to go Bladeriding.

The first day the FX was tested on water, the unanimous conclusion was: It's fast! Tested against the X8 in 10-15 knots, "apart from the take off speed being slightly slower, once foiling, it showed very little signs of any speed difference" says Veal. "I was really surprised how well it closely matched the X8 upwind and downwind. As a beginner's foiler, this boat is sensational value for money!"

Using vacuum infused technology, the hull is an extremely strong fibreglass construction, and is finished off with a clean white and impact resistant gel-coat skin. The FX hull weight is under 20kg.

The hydrofoils are the same extremely slick carbon fibre foils as currently used on the X8, but the bolt-on hull wings are a much simpler carbon fibre tube frame with moulded corners for easy fitting and maintenance. The FX has the same reliable carbon mast, carbon boom, one design x-ply sail, Ronstan fittings and FSE Robline ropes.

The Bladerider ® FX8 model is fully compliant with the International Moth Class rules. Racing the FX8 is extremely competitive against all hydrofoil moths. The overall weight is approximately 40kg as opposed to 32kg on the X8. The FX lifts out of the water in approximately 6-7 knots of wind (as opposed to 5-6 knots on the X8), and will easily reach top speeds of around 25 knots.

Sales of the carbon fibre Bladerider ® X8 in 2008 will be approximately 200 boats however, the Bladerider ® FX is expected to sell over 500 boats in 2009. The production of the FX will commence in July, with the first shipments expected in September this year.

The launch of the Bladerider ® FX will be at the CST International Moth Class World Championships, where the FX will be available for on water demonstrations and test sails during the event at the Portland Sailing Academy from 4 th July 2008.

Anyone wishing to view or test sail the fantastic new Bladerider ® FX at the Moth Worlds should contact our UK reseller Michael Airey on +44 (0)7867 802 062, email:

Alternatively contact your local reseller for an inspection, test sail, boat review or more information.

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About Bladerider International

Bladerider International is the leading innovator in extreme sailing. Its main product, the Bladerider ® , is the fastest single-handed craft in the world. Using the latest technology in hydrofoiling and aerodynamics, Bladeridering TM is now the new benchmark in extreme sailing.

Bladerider International has resellers and distributors in over 40 countries.

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