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Bladerider FX

Bladerider Grants a Licence for Topkey
to Manufacture the New X-Series

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Bladerider International, a leading manufacturer of extreme sailing boats, today announced that they have licensed Topkey Corporation to build two new Bladerider models.

With the potential of reaching a much wider market, Bladerider set out to make an affordable alternative to its already successful X8 model. With the release of the FX and RX, now everyone will be able to go Bladeriding.

The Bladerider FX is a low cost and highly durable single handed hydrofoiler that is ideally suited to sailing clubs, junior/youth sailors and those that want to get into foiling.

The lighter Bladerider RX replaces the two-time World Champion X8 as the more extreme foiler for experienced dinghy or Grand Prix sailors. The RX will not only be stiffer, stronger, and more durable than the X8, but it will also be 20% lower in price.

Topkey Corporation will build these two new models according to aerospace standard AS9100 as well as ISO9001. This is a first in the boat building industry. Bladerider recently moved it's manufacturing from McConaghy Boats in China to Topkey because of the years of experience they have in using a wide variety of composite materials, as well as Topkey's proven ability to manufacture high volumes without compromising quality.

As Bladerider s really do fly, it's only logical that they should be built to aerospace standards!

Topkey starts manufacturing Bladerider s in October 2008 and from November 2008, Topkey will be dispatching container loads of Bladerider s to Europe, US and Australia .

About Bladerider International
Bladerider is the leading innovator in extreme sailing. Its main product, the Bladerider, is the fastest single-handed craft in the world. Using the latest technology in hydrofoiling and aerodynamics, Bladeriding is now the benchmark in extreme sailing. Bladerider has resellers and distributors in over 30 countries.

About Topkey Corporation
Topkey Corporation is headquartered in Taichung , Taiwan and has subsidiaries and factories in Xiamen , China and Seattle , USA . Topkey has been manufacturing high quality products for nearly 30 years. They manufacture sporting equipment, computer components, medical equipment, and components for airliners, helicopters and automobiles. With over 8,000 employees, Topkey is one of worlds leading manufacturers in composite materials.

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