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Bladerider News - June 2007

Eight Bladerider X8's were shipped in May, which was a well short of the 18 that we had planned, but a good effort none the less from the McConaghy production team and Bladerider staff in the factory considering we moved our entire factory to a new and much bigger premises much sooner than we expected.

Production manager Tim McAuley waiting for his staff to come back from lunch.

The move will result in more boats being able to be made faster and with better quality. Peter Becker from New York had to wait more than six months to receive his boat, but summed up the experience best by saying: "... well worth the wait. Clearly the BI team worked hard to make this a good package." (Peter was also kind enough to let his freind Stu have a sail on his brand new boat to prove that anyone can foil on their first day!)

Bladerider Ambassador Peter Becker in New York seems to have lost ownership of his new
boat before he even had time to unpack it!

Bora Gulari from Detroit also received his new X8 the same week and went on to say, "Firstly I love my boat, my Fiance made me promise her numerous times that she was more important to me than the boat. For some reason she does not believe me." After his first outing Bora said "the acceleration once fully airborne is incredible. The only thing that comes close is a bear away in breeze is a skiff or an ice boat. Can't wait to go dawn partol tommorow...the boat is awesome!"

Warranty Claims

Quality control is a big concern for the Bladerider team, as this new venture in a new country is quite a challenge. Unfortunately we have had a few critical hydrofoil parts fail for customers recently. This was as a result of a manufactuing fault and consequently our support team replaced the parts within days of them being available.

All of our boats come with a six month 'no-questions asked' replacement warranty, so if something does go wrong, we'll fix it immediately for you free of charge.

June Sales Promotion

Get two (2) of your mates together and each buy a Bladerider X8 and we'll throw the following:

  • Free Foil Covers
  • Free Mast Cover

Offer valid until 30 June, 2007.

Oslo Moth Regatta

The Norwegian Sailing Federation and Seilas Magazine has invited all Bladerider and International Moth sailors to attend a one day event in the town center of Oslo as part of Oslo Race Week, on the 7th of June. Racing starts around 7pm and there is US$1000 prize money on offer.

Australian team rider Rohan Veal will be attending the event to help promote the X8, while our Scandinavian Bladerider reseller Ulf Lindhe will be available to take any orders.

For more information, please contact Mikkel Thommessen of Seilas otherwise please refer to the notice of race on the International Moth web site.

USA & South African PR Trip

The following dates are now confirmed for the latest PR & coaching trip to the USA and RSA:

  • Long Beach, California: 2-5 August
  • Miami, Florida: 7-8 August
  • Newport, Rhode Island: 10-12 August
  • Detroit, Michigan: 14-15 August
  • Johanessburg & Durban, South Africa: 19-22 August

The first day of each stop will be dedicated to training only with new Bladerider X8 owners, while the remaining days will be available for those interested in having a close up inspection, still have unanswered questions or have been invited for a test sail (weather permitting).

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