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Bladerider News - October 2007

A total of 66 boats now delivered so far with another 20 boats planned for delivery in October! But while the Northern hemisphere will soon going into 'boat hibernation', we are just getting ready to start another big push to increase production and get ready for the Northern sailing season starting in March 2008.

So to give you an incentive to get your order in early and delivered on time in 2008, we have a special offer valid until the end of the year. more...

Cool Bladerider T-Shirts

Our Bladerider t-shirts have finally arrived too (see pic to the right)! Email our Merchandise Department now to get your order in. more...

Spare Parts Kits

As we have sold out of our DKSP3 spare parts kits, we will soon be offering the DKSP4, DKSP5 and DKSP6 spare parts kits. Each of them includes all the important spare parts that are either hard to find or easily lost. more...

October Price List Available

For customers that would like to get the latest version of our price list, please click here to download it.

Customer Feedback

"Even it was my first time, I got foiling in 1 minute. partly because I had watched about 10 people before me making all the mistakes. The feeling was unreal when foiling." Janne Uusi-Autti, Finland

"Final got some good wind and took my boat to the Clearwater Sailing center and was able to get foiling. I love it! Had another member take for a sail and he got it flying as well." Scott Taber, Florida, USA

"WOW these boats are cool, I can't believe how easy it is to sail. Maybe not sail near its potential, but foiling fast all the same." Darren Schofield, Auckland, New Zealand

"Having tried and failed to live up to the moto 'only the good die young', I have entered into my mid life crisis with gusto. Old enough to know better but too young to reach for the pipe and slippers, I get a great kick out of going harder and faster than ever!" Simon Nelson, Sydney, Australia

"First flight on Saturday at Weymouth. Awesome!"
John Mursell, England

Andrew Friend sailing in Norfolk during the Punt Club Regatta. Can you spot the differences between the Bladerider and the 100 year old river cruisers?

Janne Uusi-Autti test sailing the Bladerider for the first time in Finland.

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