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Bladerider News - September 2007

Promotions in USA and RSA

August was a big month for publicity in North America and South Africa where both Rohan and Virginia Veal travelled the world to promote the Bladerider. The trip kicked off in San Diego, followed by Los Angeles, then Miami, then up to Newport (Rhode Island), Detroit, Toronto (Canada), and then final to both Durban and Johanessburg in South Africa. In total the team got more than 50 newbies to test sail the Bladerider and had a great response. Rohan later commented that it was obvious after seeing so many people sail the boats that any of those with 29er or 49er sailing experience easily handled the delicate balance of the boat and flew almost instantly. While those with catamaran or basic dinghy skills, took a few minutes to adjust but eventually got flying. Virginia will also be putting together a video showing the experiences of all new comers soon.

The Open Bladerider house in Coronado, California along with Team Henken and friends.

Bladerflyer in San Diego

Californian teenage and new Bladerider owner Jack Driscoll, had his boat tied down on the roof of his dad's monster truck (yes it is that big). But while driving over the Coronado Bridge over Sand Diego Bay, it blew off the car and feel 220 ft down into the bay, luckily not hitting anything or anyone on the way down. On the bright side, on the way down it managed to set a Moth and outright sailing speed record of 51.9 knots!

Right after it flew off, Jack was obviously distraught and Jack's dad (Tom) knew for sure it was gone (especially considering it an underweight hull). But somehow the harbour police saw the incident and rushed over to retrieve the boat lying on top of the water with the trolley still attached by one elastic holding it to the boat. The first thing the Harbor Police asked when Tom called them was "Was anybody on it?". So the police brought the boat back to the yacht club to give it back the relieved owner. Tom later said "To see it in one piece was amazing. Actually the boat and trailer is fine. It has one dent on the side and the wand mechanism is broken, but the wand is ok."

Not a pretty sight, but it is better than being on the bottom of San Diego Bay!

So the Bladerider gets put through the toughest test yet and still survives! It is not our recommend method to find out if your boat is built strong enough, so please don't try this at home kids. On a serious note, it is extremely important that you tie your boat down correctly onto your trailer or roof of your car, because the boat is so light and with wing covers attached, it is easy for the wind to catch underneath and flip off a trailer, or blow off the roof. more...

Custom Hull & Trim Colours Now Available

We have recently completed some custom painted boats for customers that wanted a specific colour and we are now offering custom hull and trim colour options to all customers if desired. All you need to do is tell us the PMS colour that you want, and we will do the rest. Retail pricing for custom hull colour is US$500 and custom trim colour is US$300.

Travel Boxes Now Available

As you may have also noticed on our web site that now have the much awaited travel box available for purchase for US$1200. Unfortunately it may be another couple of weeks before we have stock available to customers wishing to have their boat sent in one if you are still waiting for your boat. However if you would like one, please let us know and we can have one ready in time before the boat is sent. Customers that have paid the upgrade of a travel box but have received their boat already, please contact us to make arrangements.

Customer Feedback

"My first time out was really light but was good to get the hang of getting in the boat etc.  The next day, the wind came up and I got foiling which was a fantastic sensation! " - Scott Cuthbertson, Toronto, Canada

Chuckie Eaton and Sterling Henken (both 12 years old),
sailing two up in San Diego Bay, California, USA.

September Price List Available with New Products

For customers that would like to get the latest version of our price list, please click here to download it.

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