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Japanese Grand Master wins National Title


After sailing International Moth's for over 35 years and having never won a National Title before, Naomi Tachibana at age 58 has just been crowned as the 2007 Japanese National Champion from his long time arch rival Masa Ogura, who has won no less than seven Japanese National Titles in the past.

Australian Rohan Veal won the event held at Choshi with a perfect score card, however as a non-resident he was not eligible for the title.

Could this historic win be attributed to sailing a Bladerider? We asked Naomi what he thought the secret was...

What preparation did you do?
I can sail only Saturday and Sunday, so I go to gym training 2 or 3 times every week for keeping my body looking like a 40 year old.

What was it that after 35 years made you win this national event?
I have a good boat and got it before everyone else.

Explain you race theory of the event?
My race theory is happy sailing, I don't like patience sailing.

Did the Bladerider give you the edge over your competitors?
Yes Bladerider made me happy. This time other competitors can not fly as easily as Bladerider does.

What does it feel like to have won this prestigious event?
Last 2 years my positions are second and second. So I'm very happy now and I over come Masa. He is 58 years old (same age as me) and we have over a 30 year rival.


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