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Bladerider News - January 2008

Production Update

Well over 140 Bladerider X8's have now been sold already! Our end of 2007 promotion is now over, but here is a current list of the only available boats left (as of 2 January 2008) that can be shipped before the end of February 2008...

Boat #

Hull/Trim Colour

Availabile Shipping Date



early Febuary



late Febuary



early March



mid March

New Freight Charges Starting 2008

As of the 1 January 2008, we have introduced new Air and Sea Freight charges to different zones around the World. This is due to additional charges from our handlers from the increase in oil prices and the varying administration costs of sending boats to so many different countries.

Click here to download the new shipping and air freight price list.

Price Rise in USD and AUD Complete Boats

As of the 1 February, 2008, the retail price of a complete X8 (ready to sail) will increase to AU$17,750 and US$15,750 (plus taxes) due to increased costs in carbon and other materials. The Euro price will remain the same. The Euro price will remain the same. Get your order in this month to beat the price rise.

YouTube Video Competition

Click here to see our latest competition. Here are some of the entries so far...

B-Team Rider Bora Gulari with action cam off Blairgowrie.

January Price List Available

For customers that would like to get the latest version of our price list, please click here to download it.

Customer Feedback

"We had 4 Bladeriders out on San Diego Bay yesterday...amazing! The breeze was 5-10 knots but much fun was had, we all got foiling!" - Diego Gomez-Hall, San Diego, USA

The Bladerider 'B-Team' training off Red Bluff at Black Rock.

The 'Coronado Crew' launching four X8's at once in San Diego Harbour.
The crew includes James Spithill (AUS), Charlie McKee, Diego Gomez-Hall, Chuckie Eaton, Jack Driscoll, Katie Everett (in her new white boat) and Willem Van Waay.

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