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Bladerider News - July 2008

X8 Promotional Offer

You may have notice a price increase on the X8 boats purchased after 1st July, 2008, however for a limited time, we will include the following upgrades on each X8 purchase after 1 July, worth over AU$1000 at no extra charge:

Bladerider FX Launch
Weymouth, UK: 4 July 2008

The New Bladerider FX will have the official launched at 2pm at Weymouth just before the start of the Moth World Championships. If you wish to give take one out for a test sail, please contact the UK re-seller Michael Airey.

Bladerider Owners Meeting

On Monday 7 July at 7pm, the Bladerider Team will be hosting a talk to all Bladerider owners at the WPSNA in Weymouth to talk about all the latest developments in the Company and our products.

Maintenance Training

The following repair and maintenance sessions will be run by Simon Owen-Smith at Weymouth from the 1st July 2008 (PDF files for each of these can be found also on the Support section of our web site). Please inform Simon if you wish to watch and learn any of these sessions:

  • Front foil flap hinge replacement
  • Barrel nut replacement in front foil
  • Centerboard push rod setup and adjustment
  • Wand axle repositioning
  • Hull push rod setup and adjustment
  • Reglue in front wing bar nut
  • Refurbish the tiller bushes
  • Hull leak test

Warranty Policy Revision

Please note as of 1 July 2008 we have implemented a new Warranty Policy which includes a new two warranty period for all customers around the World.

Kiel Week
Kiel, Germany: 21-24 June 2008

Bladerider representation at Kiel Week was high with over half of the fleet being Bladeriders. Good results were achieved, with 7 Bladerider sailors inside the top 10. Results here.

Moth World Championships
Weymouth, UK: 5-11 July 2008

Be sure to stay tuned to all that's going on at the International Moth World Championships coming up. There will be many Bladerider sailors attending and you can watch all their moves and the results right here throughout the event.

Customer Feedback

"Rohan would get a kick out of the fact that I can't sail in my local harbor anymore as the harbor cops have ticketed me for "excessive speed" and "reckless operation" every time I go out.  I have to go to court some time when I get back to sort it out - if I don't win it may be the end of sailing the BR at my YC if you can believe that." Peter Becker, New York, USA

Seeing Double

"Maria and Matilde are the first foiling girls in Portugal. The two 13 year old twin sisters, live in Algarve and are experienced Optimist sailors. They just started foiling on their first try with 6 knots of wind and don't want to go back to their Optimist. Their father Martim is the new owner of the second Bladerider in Portugal." Fernando Belo, Portugese Reseller


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