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Bladerider® News - May 2008

New Zealand National Titles

With 25-30 knot winds on Saturday and 15-20 knots for the first race Sunday (all from the north east which meant it was onshore with 40 miles for the sea to build up), the waves were pretty big! More results and pictures can be seen here.

Andrew Brown (centre) with his trophy for winning the International Moth New Zealand championships,
2nd placed Kevin Hall (Left) and 3rd placed Sam England (right), Auckland. 27/4/2008.

Important Gantry Bolt Replacement

We are aware that some boats from around #50 to #100, were sent with a non-stainless steel bolt to secure the lower part of the gantry to the hull. This was a mistake made by the manufacturer and therefore any boat with rust surrounding this lower gantry bolt will need this bolt to be replaced immediately.

By not doing so means that the bolt may break whilst sailing and will more than likely break your gantry as well. Instructions on how to do this can be downloaded from the X8 Repairs section the support page.

You can either replace it with a M6 x 30mm s/s hex head bolt (like it should have in there), or as per the instructions, you can glue in a long s/s nut so that the bolt can be inserted from the back. This means that when transporting the boat around without the gantry fitted, you don't have this bolt exposed and prone to being bent in transport.

Any repair costs (excluding transportation costs) will be credited back to any affected customers.

Kiwi Speed Freak

New Zealander Andrew Brown has recorded a great top speed of 26.2 knots in wind gusting up to 32 knots. Of course we do not reccommend this action for any other Bladeriders out there as it will void your warranty.

Towing Capacity

Can anyone beat this record? Darren Schofield from New Zealand ensuring all his team mates get to the National Championships. See more interesting transportation pics here.

The World of Bladerider®

The world as we see it...

Upcoming Events

Be sure to check out where you can race your Bladerider next on our 'Events' web page. A new event in Singapore has just been announced, so put it in your diary. Check it out here.

Customer Feedback

Jonathan McKee, Charlie McKee

"I have been sailing about 10 times now, starting to slowly get it, having heaps of fun! Sadly I have to go back to work tommorrow so my sailing time will suffer for the next 14 months. It is a fantastic thing you have created, you should be very proud. All the best!" - Jonathan McKee (Olympic, AC & Around the World sailor)

"Hey Rohan, hey Simon, some pictures just to say thank you for the efforts getting me on the water and answering all my questions. In the background are the famous Bernese mountains." - Mat Renker, Thun Lake, Switzerland.


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