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Bladerider News - October 2008

Bladerider and PUMA gear up for The VOR

PUMA has taken it's new Volvo 70's boats and given birth to twin Bladerider's. This years Volvo Ocean Race is set to have these 'mini il mostro's' buzzing around the port stop-overs to promote the launch of PUMA's new sailing range of clothing. Check out all the cool gear on their website, and the Volvo Ocean Race. We'll also keep you updated on local Moth races these mini il Mostro's participate in.

New Production Line

We are happy to announce that production has commenced at the new hull manufacturing plant in Taiwan. This week they have laid up the first pre-preg carbon VRX hull and will be laying and cooking four more in a special military autoclave next week. The following is an approximate schedule of the first boat shipments before the end of the year:

  1. early November (Air freight to Melbourne) - 2 x VRX, 2 x RX, 2 x FX - arrive mid November
  2. Mid/late November (Sea freight to Melbourne) - 3 x VRX, 8 x RX, 7 x FX - arrive mid December
  3. Early December (Sea freight to Hamburg) - 2 x VRX, 8 x RX, 8 x FX - arrive early January
  4. Mid December (Sea freight to Los Angeles) - 1 x VRX, 8 x RX, 9 x FX - arrive early January
  5. Late December (Sea freight to Dubai)- 1 x VRX, 7 x RX, 7 x FX - arrive late January

FX Boat Review

Vanessa Dudley is the editor of Australian Sailing Magazine and had been waiting a long time to have a go on foiler Moth, so we gave her the opportunity to test sail a prototype FX boat we had in Sydney in September and here is a copy of here opening comments:

"The first thing I need to say is that you have to try one of these things... perched up high over the water and flying along a knife edge - all I could do was laugh and marvel at myself being in this situation in the first place. I didn't think it could be so easy!... Any half competent dinghy sailor could hop on and have a blast."

The complete review from Vanessa on the FX can be found in the October issue of Australian Sailing, however Blue Robinson is also a sailing journalist, also had a test sail on the same day and despite not being used to such a high performance (being an ex-Finn sailor). I think the look on his face in the photo below says it all...

FX Test Sail Program

If you live in Australia and would like to have a free test sail on an FX, we will be travelling around the whole of the country over the next few months with a few demo boats for people to try. The following is a list of tentative dates and locations for FX test sailing:

  • Victoria - Black Rock, Sorrento, Brighton, Blairgowrie & Geelong (weekends and weekdays from 23rd October).
  • NSW - Most weekends from now right through til the end of Summer.
  • Tasmania - 15/16th November on the Derwernt River, Hobart.
  • Queensland - Weekend to be confirmed at RQYS in November and Cairns in February.
  • South Australia - Weekend to be confirmed in December at Adelaide Sailing Club.
  • Western Australia - During the Australian Youth Championships in early January.

If you cannot make any of these days, please contact us for a private test sail session.

X8 Hull Issues

This is a notice to customers that have received a new X8 in the last few months, to keep an eye on specific areas on their boats. If you have been effected, please let us know immediately or use the document below to assist in getting it fixed.

  • Lower Wing Cover Track - in quite a few recent cases, there has not been enough carbon support from the flare on the hull due to an oversanding problem in production. Consequently the lower wing cover track slot has split open causing the wing cover to pull out.
  • Wing Cover Track Slot Edges - We have found that a number of boats have not had the wing cover track slot edges sanded back to get rid of the hard right angle corners that will cause the wing covers to rip along the bolt rope. To check this, take the wing covers out of the slot and get some sand paper inside to ensure the edges are smooth.
  • Mast Stump Socket - We have noticed on a few boats recently that the disc in the bottom of the mast stump socket has not been glued in properly and causes the mast stump to drop further inside than it should be. You can download a document to check this and reglue in place if necessary.

FX does the trick

"The best £300 I have ever spent!"
Mark Smith from Thorpe Bay Yacht Club takes on the Bladerider training sessions with Michael Airey in the UK.

Mark Smith from Thorpe Bay Yacht Club

Key to Foiling

Key Becker, a third generation Moth sailor, takes his father's Bladerider out for a sail in 5-10 kts of wind. Within moments Key was up and flying on his own with the biggest smile a 10-year old could possibly have.


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