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Bladerider News - April 2009

Up, up and away!

It was a sunny, windy day (as it always is) and a new Bladerider RX had just been delivered to Alan Hillman of PRO VELA Bladerider Training Centre. So, what would be better than to go out and test the waters, the warm waters of LOS ALCÁZARES, Spain.

"Hi Guys, I've eventually made it on the water yesterday here in Spain! - Great fun! Mike Lennnon is out here helping sort the boats (and myself) so all good. Had my first half hour and feeling it today but awesome fun and definitely the way to learn...warm flat water, boats set up correctly and a good coach....very little pain and save for a 1 short swim at the end when I was getting far too cocky no blood was spilled! Love it! Cheers Alan"

Alan Hillman takes delivery of a new Bladerider RX for his Spanish training centre.

Ro and Chris in Rio

'When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio!' And having just missed out on the Canivale of Rio, Rohan Veal and Middle East Bladerider Reseller Chris Graham had to settle for the other extravaganza in town, The Volvo Ocean Race.

After the guys dodged neumerous obstacles in the water such as bags, fishing nets, tree stumps and chairs (yes CHAIRS), the PUMA Bladerider mini il Mostro's finally got their first photoshoot opportunity alongside their larger big brother Volvo 70 boat.

Rohan Veal in Rio
What a sight! Who needs to see the rest of Rio when you have a view of these two together?

Puma Bladerider's in Boston

So, if you've won a gold medal at the Olympics in the Laser radials and are having a bit of down time fun, what do you do? You sail a Bladerider of course! That's what Anna Tunnicliffe and husband Brad Funk are doing right now in Boston at the Volvo Ocean Race Stop over. Head down there and say hi to all the Bladerider guys n gals who are on the water each day on the spectacular PUMA Bladerider boats.

Anna Tunnicliffe speeds around the harbour at the Boston Volvo Stop over
Anna Tunnicliffe Olympic Gold Medalist and Bladerider Ambassador in Boston. Check out more photos.

Upcoming Events

2009 Japan Moth Spring Regatta

Date: May 16, 17. Contact: Japanese Bladerider reseller: Naomi Tachibana- ph:046-826-3545.
Special guest appearance: ATHENS 2004 Olympic 470 class Bronze Medalist Kenjiro Todoroki will sail in the event on a Bladerider.

Kenjiro Todoroki will sail a Bladerider
Kenjiro Todoroki will sail a Bladerider at the Japanese Spring Moth regatta.

Customer Feedback

Bladerider gets thumbs up in the US

Peter Becker, who was the first person in the USA to take delivery of a Bladerider, is still loving the speeds he hits on the water.

“I would encourage you to just move forward and get one (a BR) if you can, I did and I have never had so much fun sailing…. It’s the best boat ever.”

Peter Becker gives the Bladerider the thumbs up!
Peter Becker has had his Bladerider for 2 years and he's still loving it!

Nathan Outteridge Speed Check

Nathan Outteridge proved at the Australian National's he was quick enough to win the title, and it seems as though he just keeps getting quicker. The following from an update on his training.

"Just got back from sailing today. What a great day! South wind at Gosford flat water at the top of the bay bumpy at the bottom. I had a few runs up the top and was consistently over 25kts. Then a big rain squall came through and I had one massive run where I clocked 26.9kts as a 10 sec avarage not sure of top speed as I was just trying to keep it up right, but I think I saw 27.4!"

When Nathan actually downloaded his GPS date, he clocked 28.23 knots as a peak speed, which is one of the highest on record to date.

Nathan Outteridge
Nathan Outteridge will be hard to beat at the upcoming World Championships in USA in August 2009.


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