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Bladerider News - February 2009

New Moth Speed Record at 28.71 knots!

It was only a matter of time, as Rob Gough has just clocked a new World Moth (Peak) Speed Record on Tuesday 3rd March just near Hobart Tasmania, Australia at a massive 28.71 knots on his Bladerider X8.

In Northerly offshore wind of around 25-28 knots and a water temperatures of around 19 degrees, Rob also toped a sensational 10 sec average at 26.5 knots. "It was probably one of the flatter directions on the Derwent but it certainly wasn’t flat water" he said. "Wave height was about .75 of a metre" (similar to last day at the 2009 Aussie National's).

We asked him what preparation he did to his boat to achieve such speeds, “Not much. I used a standard wand swivel but was running a higher gearing than used at the Aussie National’s. I could sit at the back of wing bar, and had super responsive wand setup. I had to really hold tiller extension tightly though, as it can easily be knocked out of your hands, with the loads on back foil.”

Now that he's taking delivery of his new VRX this week, we also asked what his future goals are now that he has claimed his first World Moth Record. "I'm going to train through a Tassie winter to get to The Worlds in August". Rob will pop over to the mainland every now & then to train with Rohan Veal in Melbourne. No doubt some serious speeds will be set by the two top speed setter's over the next few weeks.

Rob Gough sets a new benchmark speed of 28.71 knots in Hobart, Australia.

5 bests' average = 51.23km/h [27.66Knots]
Best Speed n°1 = 53.17km/h [28.71Knots] (29.5 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°2 = 51.12km/h [27.6Knots] (28.4 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°3 = 50.64km/h [27.34Knots] (28.1 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°4 = 50.64km/h [27.34Knots] (28.1 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°5 = 50.56km/h [27.3Knots] (28.1 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°6 = 50.56km/h [27.3Knots] (28.1 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°7 = 50.27km/h [27.14Knots] (27.9 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°8 = 50.27km/h [27.14Knots] (27.9 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°8 = 50.27km/h [27.14Knots] (27.9 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°9 = 49.83km/h [26.91Knots] (27.7 meters in 2.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°10 = 49.83km/h [26.9Knots] (27.7 meters in 2.0 sec.)
5 best 10 second (at least) average = 48.73km/h [26.31Knots]
10 second run n°1 = 49.08km/h [26.5Knots] (136.3 m. in 10.0 s.)
10 second run n°2 = 49.06km/h [26.49Knots] (136.3 m. in 10.0 s.)
10 second run n°3 = 48.83km/h [26.37Knots] (135.6 m. in 10.0 s.)
10 second run n°4 = 48.39km/h [26.13Knots] (134.4 m. in 10.0 s.)
10 second run n°5 = 48.29km/h [26.07Knots] (134.1 m. in 10.0 s.)

Beginner's Lesson in Bladeriding

Two training centre's have been established to accommodate those wishing to either get started on a Bladerider or enhance their Bladeriding skills. These centre's are run by competant teachers who will have you up and foiling in no time.

Datchet Watersports

Only 5 minutes from heathrow airport, the Dachet Watersports Centre will have you flying in... and you guessed it, flying out - to sea, on one of their Bladerider training boats. The location has deep water entry from the shore, vast open water with clean wind, making it an ideal place to learn.

Paul Outram – the centre Principal on his second ever go!

Having an instructor and rescue boat on hand and to be able to take a break when you need one makes all the difference. One client said it was the best £300 he had ever spent and has since gone on to by a brand new Bladerider.


Alan Hillman from Pro-Vela is just about to launch Spain's first Bladerider Training Centre at Los Alcazarez, Murcia. What better way to take time off and go training in a spot like this? Stay tuned for the launch of this great facility. For more information on these great new training centers and others to be annouced soon, please see our new training centre page.

Spain's first Bladerider Training Centre at Los Alcazarez, Murcia.

See The RX at London Dinghy Show

The UK Bladerider reseller Michael Airey will have on show the all new Bladerider RX for all to see. Make sure you get along to the show and check it out.

The All New Bladerider RX to debut at the London Dinghy Show.

The US Guys Talk Technique and Answer a Few Questions

Two top US Bladerider sailors Hans Henken and Charlie McKee give an insight into a foiling gybe and boat set-up. Make sure you keep an eye on these two as they'll probably get a podium result at the US PCC's Event held at Coronado this weeknd March 6-8.

Hans Henken explains how to execute a "foiling gybe".

Charlie McKee gives a talk on "how it all works".

Customer Feedback

The Fast and the Furious

Here's a few of Christopher Patterson of Western Australia's little toys. When Christopher's not foiling on his Bladerider at 40 km's per hour, he's flying around in his Audi TT at 100km's per hour. Nice!

Christopher Patterson's Audi TT, as he says "It's the perfect sailor's car".

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