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Bladerider News - July 2009

New Bladerider's Available

We have finally been able to catch up on back orders and we now have one brand new VRX and a few RX's ready to ship this week.

If you get in before the end of July, you will also get free air freight on your RX too!

Bladerider Parts Online

Proust Sailing is the Bladerider distributor for Western Europe, and they now have all Bladerider spare parts available to purchase online:

VRX Results Correction

We would like to point a correction in the most recent McConaghy newsletter that was sent out the other week, claiming that they built the VRX that was used by Eelco Boers to finish third in the 2009 European Championships.

All VRX hulls use much improved production materials and methods to get a much lighter and more rigid construction, and none of which have ever and will ever be built by McConaghy Boats.

Customer Feedback

"New top speed for me within the first week of sailing my new VRX. And that's with 1.5 knots of current against me! 24.6 knots was the ten second average. I have been very happy with the boat."

"The finish on the boat is definitely better than the X8's. It seems as if lots of care when into building it and most things worked pretty well out of the box."

"I met someone that was claiming they were building their own and I think I almost convinced them to just buy a Bladerider because after you get it and assemble it, you can be sailing the next day."

Sean "Doogie" Couvreux, Stevenson, WA, USA


"Our new Bladerider RX has flown today for the fist time in the Spanish waters (see photo above). It was too much wind approx 20 knots, but we could not resist. I feel pain on places were are no muscles supposed to be...... But is was BIG FUN!! The acceleration is indeed so fast that your mind has to adapt, you have to be very delicate in all things you do."

"We have a lot of people interested over here as well. My wife was already an 'attraction' as she tends to take the Cobra roadster (1965 replica) to do her groceries, she is now having her own Bladerider fan club here on the yacht club. The reason is that we try to tame the bat in 22 knots and more and I must say that the crashes are spectacular as the excitement of the spectators grows."

Harmen Donker, Netherlands Antillies (Northern tip of South America)


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