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Bladerider News - June 2009

RX Free Freight


To help celebrate the Puma Bladerider Moths completing the 'Round the World Tour' as part of the Volvo Ocean Race, Bladerider are offering for a limited time FREE INTERNATIONAL AIR FREIGHT for any RX boat delivered to Europe saving US$1,100!

But if you live in another continent (excluding North America), we will discount the air freight by US$1,100 instead.

Each RX also includes an alloy trolley, travel box, full cover set and two year warranty for only 9.995 Euro or US$13,995.

See the table below to work out your Customs Clearance and Local Delivery Charges in Europe:

PUMA Bladerider VOR boats Euro Freight Charges Euro Freight Charges
* Excludes taxes/duty and local handling/freight costs (as per above). Offer expires 31st July 2009.

Bladerider Shopping Cart

Proust Sailing in Europe, now has it's stock online, which include spare parts. So, next time you need to go shopping for parts, check out:

Kevin Hall Wins State Championships At The Gorge

The home of the upcoming Moth World Championships, The George, Oregon, USA, had it's first winner of the year with Kevin Hall recently taking out the title for Oregon State Moth Champion sailing on a Bladerider X8. Could this be an omen for him winning the World title mid August?

Kevin Hall in action
Kevin Hall takes out the Oregon Moth Championships end of May. Enlarge Photo.

We asked Kevin all about his win there and what it takes to be at the top:

What was your preparation leading up to this regatta?

I had a couple good windy days before I left Auckland at the end of April, working mostly on trying to have more consistent "70% tacks" instead of trying to nail them, sort of a second serve approach. My tacks had really let me down in Hawaii in March.
How do you feel your boat went?

It's always reassuring when you get out on the water for first lift off and it feels right. I had left my wand in auckland so was on a brand new one, and while you can know the pushrod stops at the ends are right you never quite know how the ride and cavitation are going to feel on the first breezy run. My speed was consistent but I'm not sure I was ever the fastest, upwind or down. It is important to know everything is going to hold together - I'm still getting used to the 40mm mast and cams being a bit more finniky, we have conclusively demonstrated numerous times that it is slow to sail with one or more popped off!
How did you like the venue (being the sight of the upcoming World’s)? Have you sailed there before? On what boats?

I absolutely love sailing in the Gorge. I've done a little kiting there, and quite a bit of training and racing in the 49er. The Moth sails similar enough angles and speeds that it felt reasonably familiar, 10 years later... It is also so beautiful with the clear air, majestic mountains on both sides, and the fresh water is really nice.
How did you like the weather conditions at The Gorge? Any tips on how to read conditions there?

We had great conditions for the regatta, with the added fun of late spring run-off in the river so the current was quite strong - figuring out where to setup for the start was a good challenge. A couple of the beats had some sharp puffs roll through where survival was the only goal, but those were the exception. The hardest part about reading the conditions there is the puffs you want do not have much time to show up on the water after coming off the shore so you have to balance the risk of hooking the next good one for angle with simply going really light. And in the bigger lulls, the current plays a bigger part so you want to keep that in the back of your mind.

Bladerider VRX 3rd Overall at Moth Europeans

Eelco Boers has again achieved a great result, this time at the recent European Moth Championships held in Horsens, Denmark. Having raced in only one regatta prior with his brand new VRX using a standard Bladerider sail and foils, he was still able to stay with the two leaders at times.

Eelco Boers
Eelco Boers on his VRX at the European Championships.

Suspended in Stockholm

Next time you go shopping in Stockholm, look out for flying Bladerider's above you. Puma shop set up a display in one of Sweden's leading shopping centres and wowed the crowd's with the suspended spectacle.

Suspense in Sweden
See more pic's of the Puma Bladerider's in Stockholm during the VOR. Galway photos.

Rob Gough Finally Fronts the Media

Superstar from Down Under:Down Under (Tasmania) Rob Gough, has been braving the winter cold of the Tasman seas to train for the upcoming World Championships in the USA, mid August.

Rob Gough fronts the media
Look out for serios contender, Rob Gough at the Moth World Championships. Enlarge photo.

Customer Feedback

Mark Richards, former Oppie National Champion, really good Laser SB3 sailor...and unfeasibly tall 6'4"...and weighs in at 80kilos and 42 years, foiling easily at the Pro-Vela sailing school in LOS ALCÁZARES, Spain.

Mark Richards - going for it!
Mark Richards giving the Bladerider RX a work out at the Spanish Pro-Vela Training Centre. Enlarge Photo.

Richards-wipe out!

Richards - sequence shots of his first ever attempt at sailing the Bladerider!


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