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Bladerider News - May 2009

RX Free Freight


To help celebrate the Puma Bladerider Moths travelling around Europe at the moment as part of the Volvo Ocean Race, Bladerider are offering for a limited time FREE INTERNATIONAL AIR FREIGHT for any RX boat delivered to Europe saving US$1,100!

Each RX also includes an alloy trolley, travel box, full cover set and two year warranty for only 9.995 Euro.

See the table below to work out your Customs Clearance and Local Delivery Charges in Europe:

PUMA Bladerider VOR boats Euro Freight Charges Euro Freight Charges
* Excludes taxes/duty and local handling/freight costs (as per above). Offer expires 31st July 2009.

New European Bladerider Distributor

Proust Sailing has stepped up it's involvement with Bladerider, becoming the Bladerider Spare Parts Distributor for Western Europe allowing all Bladerider customers to order their spare parts directly from Proust Sailing from now on.

Eric proust in action
Eric Proust the new European Bladerider Distributor. Watch him in action.

Another Bladerider up and foiling in the US

George Yioulos from West Coast Sailing is our North American distributor, and now has his Bladerider RX and describes it as "The craziest feeling in the world; makes it all worth it by far. It's a pretty amazing feeling, I think I'm pretty well hooked."

West Coast Sailing will not only soon have RX boats in stock, but also a plethera of spare parts and accessories in the USA. So if you need an upgrade or a spare, just put in an order with your local reseller.

George Yioulos
"Stress, happiness, excitement and all that rolled into one moment." George Yioulos.

New VRX gets Results

Eelco Boers took delivery of his new VRX one day before the Dutch Hellecat Championships, so when we heard he'd won, we were as delighted as he was. It was great to have him report "The VRX performs well straight out of the box". See the results of the Championships or watch his video of the race below.

Eelco's video
Watch the video.

NED mothies
Dutch and Belgian Moth association's. More photos.

Hellecat regatta
Eelco Boers unpacked his brand new VRX, rigged and won the Hellecat Championship.

Suzuki Speeds up it's Advertising

Ever wanted to travel in style? Why not get a Suzuki Jemma to ride down to your Bladerider and go sailing.

Suzuki Jemma Ad
Hiroshi Takahashi, 2008 Japanese National Champion is a model superstar. Enlarge.



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