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50 (almost- 27th Sept.)
What have you sailed/do you sail I can't remember what I used to sail - now that I have my Bladerider I have not sailed on any other boats at all and don't want to go back either
Where you like to sail from/club

American Yacht Club ( Rye , NY ) New York Yacht Club (GE view)

How did you find out about Bladerider

Seahorse magazine article about Rohan winning worlds

What you thought when you first sailed the Bladerider

I knew that it was going to be great fun but I had no idea how much fun I was in for.

What are your
sailing goals
After seeing Rohan handle the boat my i mmediate goal is to practice, practice, practice until I can be half as good as he - and then attend worlds in the UK .
A quote to summarise your Bladerider

I was looking for a boat to make sailing challenging and fun again, the BR has surpassed every expectation; I love it.

Peter's parents sailed so he didn't really have a choice it was in his DNA.
Peter was in the junior sailing program at American Yacht Club sailing: Blue Jay, Fireball, Laser, etc. and then College Sailing.

Peter's had eExtensive cruising experience with his parents on a 37 ft 1925 wood sloop.

Dinghies he's sailed: Laser, 420, Inter-Club Dinghy (frostbite boat), I-14 OD (Ultimate Regattas)

He's also sailed lots of big boats: Trans Atlantic race, Bermuda Races (15) etc.

Click to enlarge Peter Becker, USA

*download GE: Google Earth

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