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X Series Covers

Spreader Bag

How many times have you struggled with your stays & packing away your spreaders? Well, we have the answer - our padded spreader bag will pack your spreader & stays away neatly, so you never have tangled stays again. There is also plenty of room in there spare parts, rope and fittings.

Foil Covers

The foil covers offer premium protection for your hydrofoils and are a must if you want to avoid nasty scratches and potential damage in transit if left uncovered, not to mention they look damn smart with dual access zips and velcro for quick fitting and removal.

The inside of the covers are lined with a waterproofed membrane as to not absorb water, and stink out your car whilst wet. The rudder foil cover also allows the user to put the cover on while the foil is still in the rudder box. Therefore there is no need to remove the rudder foil from the box, reducing scratching and damage when resting on the wing covers and putting the boat in/out the water.

Top Cover

The top cover for the Bladerider X8 is for use when storing your boat outside in the weather. It is possible to keep it on the hull when transporting the boat around on a trailer, however it is not recommended as it may reduce the life of the cover, plus no one will be able to see how good your boat looks! ;-)

The cover is made from waterproof acrylic. There are tie downs on the sides of the wing cover to pull the top down tight in case of rain and to stop the wind from getting underneath and lifting the cover off completely. At the rear of the cover is a velco opening allowing you to fit the top cover around your rudder foil if desired.

Mast Cover

The Mast cover is fairly basic in design, but for good reason. It can be used as to cover the mast in both a one piece and a two piece mode. To use as a two piece cover, simply insert the top part of the mast first, then the bottom piece, then fold the bottom half up to the top and tie together using the straps.

The end of the bag has a durable protection layer on the outside to protect the tip from protruding out the top under pressure, while the base has a draw string to keep any excess water inside the bag.

The inside lining material is also a waterproof membrane, keeping the water in the bag and out of your car. The cover has also intentionally been made longer than normal to allow for any shrinkage in the material over the years to come in the rain and sun.

Boom Cover

The Boom cover is made from the same material and offers the same features, however it is obviously shorter in legth. Normally this bag is only required when transporting the boat interstate or internationally with the wing covers taken off and all packed up in the box.

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