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Bladerider Ambassadors

The Bladerider Ambassadors listed below are available to assist potential buyers with an inspection, test sail or any questions they might have:



James Cole

Location: Singapore

Amish Ved

Location: Mumbai, India




Michael Boode

Location: Geelong, Victoria

Rob Gough

Location: Hobart, Tasmania


Chris Paterson

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Simon Nelson

Location: Sydney, NSW


James Owen-Smith

Location: Black Rock, Victoria

Brent Pearson

Location: Yeppon, Queensland


Benjamin Rankine

Location: Cairns, Queensland

Greg Wise

Location: Adelaide, South Australia








Sebastian Josse

Location: Brittany, France

Bertrand Coste

Location: Marsielle, France


Andrew Friend

Location: Norfolk, Great Britain

Sven Kloppenburg

Location: Hamburg, Germany


Paul Hignett

Location: Scotland







Middle East


Glenn Raphael

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates










Roy Dunster

Location: Westville, South Africa







North America


Peter Becker

Location: Rye, NY, USA

Scott Cuthbertson

Location: Toronto, Canada


Bora Gulari

Location: Detroit, MI, USA

Matt Pistay

Location: Seattle, WA, USA


George Peet

Location: Newport, RI, USA

Charlie McKee

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Do You have What it Takes to be an Ambassador?

If you are enthusiastic about the Bladerider brand and range of products, sail frequently and you are not shy about talking to other sailors about the merits of sailing on a Bladerider, then you could qualify as an Bladerider Ambassador and benefit from great discounts and rewards offered.

If interested in applying, please contact us.

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